How Important is Painting When Selling a House?

When selling a property in Australia, there are many ways you can attract potential buyers looking for residential real estate.

From cleaning and decluttering to staging and landscaping, the most impactful aspect is painting your home. A fresh coat can increase the sale value of a property by up to 5%, making it all the more appealing to buyers. But is it necessary to paint a house?

Let’s find out.

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Should You Paint Your House Before a Sale?

Some may argue that painting a house is an unnecessary expense, but it can result in better profit as it’s all about first impressions.

Buyers gravitate towards homes that possess great aesthetics, functionality, and décor. Failing to maintain and update your home interiors and exteriors could potentially turn off suitable buyers.

If your home has an outdated look, you can always opt for a new paint job. Not only will this help cover up imperfections, but will also ensure your place looks its best, helping you gain the most value out of a potential sale.

When Do You Need a New Paint Job?

  1. Current state of your walls: If your walls are scuffed up, then a professional paint job is the most cost effective way to give your home a simple touch-up.
  2. Condition of existing paint job: If your house walls suffer from cracks and peeling paint, then it’s important to pick high-quality paint colours that last longer.
  3. Type of colour on the walls: If your home’s paint colours are outdated, then try a neutral palette as it helps potential buyers envision their own interiors.

Does House Painting Increase Property Value?

Fresh paint allows you to fix and repair imperfections ahead in time, attracting more potential buyers. Whether it’s exterior walls or home interiors, a newly painted home is always considered a better steal in the real estate market.

The value of any house will depend on the quality of craftsmanship and type of paint used for exterior and interior walls. With professional painters, the resulting finish is both impressive and long-lasting, boosting your property’s conversion rate.

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How to Paint Your House Before a Sale?

Consider the Mood of Each Room

Whether it’s interior or exterior paint, the choice of colour will always impact the mood of a room, though this depends on its function and your personal preference. It’s best to stick with neutral tones as they are easy to match with any decor and style.

May it be the exterior walls or home interiors, a professional paint job can increase property value. Living spaces should have a cosy and welcoming ambience so it’s best to choose warm colours like yellow or orange that will make guests feel at home.

Experiment with Accent Colours

Accent colours should be integrated sparingly to add pops of interest and depth, highlighting specific features in a room, like window frames and door knobs. You can also use accent colours on the front door or shutters to increase your home’s curb appeal.

When picking an accent colour, look for shades that complement your primary colour. For instance, blue coloured walls pair well with warm orange or golden accent tones. You can also combine multiple accent colours to create a visually interesting space.

A great way to add depth to your interiors is by incorporating rich upholstery. This looks excellent against elements like wood or metal. Another great option is integrating textured wallpaper for a more modern and glamorous touch.

Don’t Forget About the Trim

When painting a house before a sale, pay attention to the trim. It’s important to cover up holes and cracks with a spackle. You should also
sand down any rough areas or patches before applying a fresh coat of paint. A smooth surface will ensure that the paint adheres to the surface properly and looks more professional.

When it comes to choosing the right finish for your paint, consider factors like the location of the room and the amount of foot traffic it receives. You should pick interior paint that’s resilient to dirt and dust for hallways and kitchens. For the outdoors, the exterior painting can be a striking combination of cool blues and deep purple.

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Why Should I Paint My House with a Professional?

While a DIY paint job might sound like fun, it’s best to hire a professional if you’re thinking of selling your house to a potential buyer.

Professional painters possess the tools, skill, and expertise to complete the job efficiently, providing valuable advice on the best finish, colour, and texture. They use high-quality materials that are more durable and long-lasting.

A professional paint job can save you time and hassle of sourcing materials and preparing the surface beforehand. Such experts can handle all aspects of the painting process, from preparing the surfaces to cleaning up after themselves.

Key Takeaways

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Gavin Kane

Gavin, is the founder and director of Hunter Coast Painting who are experienced Newcastle Painters. Combining 10 years experience in the industry and having worked on multi-million dollar homes in Europe and Australia, Gavin is able to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Gavin Kane
Gavin Kane

Gavin, is the founder and director of Hunter Coast Painting.

Combining 10 years experience in the industry and having worked on multi-million dollar homes in Europe and Australia, Gavin is able to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience.